Removing the stigma of ballet & making it accessible for every BODY.

We want every BODY to feel empowered by the art of dance, 

in whatever way fits the lifestyle you lead.

How can we help you on your journey?

Photo Shoot & Movement Consultation

Interested in doing a photo shoot to market your business? Planning a public speaking event or to be on camera? Or are you feeling a bit self conscious about how to stand or look confident?

We can share all our tricks! Sometimes simply adjusting your angle can transform the way you look on camera.

Posture Training

Ballet has taught us all about perfect posture & spine alignment. We will provide simple & easy to follow tips on how to improve your posture.

Good posture has been proven to improve performance in musicians, students, athletes & those that work at a desk all day. It can also prevent back pain & issues that flare up as we age.

Choreography & Dance Lessons

Want to perform a dance at a party or event to impress your family & friends? Or are you getting married and want to cut a rug on the dance floor for your First Dance, Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dance?

We will choreograph & teach you the routine, guaranteeing you impress your audience!

Private & Group Lessons

Your lesson is tailored to your specific individual or group needs.

We offer Ballet For Beginners, Getting Back Into Ballet, Group Body Confidence, Health & Fitness, Private Coaching and more.

Event Performances & Dancers

Looking for professional dancers to perform at your party or event? 

We book the performers for you & tailor the performance to your theme & event!


Ballet helps you achieve postural alignment. Each movement requires alertness of how you carry yourself from one stance to the other. Elegant forms such as the Port de Bras & High Swan Arms correct sloppy posture by pulling your shoulders back and elongating your neck.


Don't Be Shy! You're Welcome Here!

As two professional ballerinas, the most common things we hear are "I used to dance, I wish that I still could" or "Ballet is so beautiful, I wish I could do that!"

This inspired the two of us to join hands to remove the stigma of ballet and make it accessible for every BODY.

With a combined experience of over 30 years in professional dance, we expand on the simple idea of ballet and customize it for you whether you've never put on a pair of pointe shoes or have had years of training.

How can we help you?

Be in touch to let us know what we can do for you + YOUR body.

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